Pro-Nox Add-On

Pro-Nox is an add-on available and removes a major barrier to certain treatments – pain – making it possible to be comfortable during our more painful services.

If you’ve been holding off on a treatment because of the overall pain aspect, this is the perfect add-on!

Additional Information

Pro-Nox is an FDA-cleared pain management device that delivers a perfect 50/50 blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Patients self-administer and control the amount of gas delivered as needed. Pro-Nox helps by decreasing the sensation of pain and patients’ recognition of the presence of pain, as well as helps to diminish anxiety or discomfort during treatments.

The first time you use Pro-Nox, you’ll purchase the tubing (to keep for future uses) and the gas itself. For any future treatments, you’ll just purchase the $50 gas and reuse the tubing.