Sep 11, 2023

What things should you consider when choosing a nuerotoxin? Is cost the only factor?

BOTOX® Cosmetic has attributes that patients say are high on their list to consider when choosing a product for treatment. These attributes include1,*:

1. Is a brand for someone like me with moderate to severe glabellar lines
2. Has been in the market for 20 years2,3,†
3. Is a brand I trust
4. Is worth what I pay for its cost
5. I know what to expect when I use this brand
6. Is recommended by my doctor/provider4,5,‡,§
7. Treats moderate to severe forehead lines, lateral canthal lines, and glabellar lines in adults

*Based on a 2022 online survey of 251 patients who had received treatment with a neurotoxin within the last 2 years. Respondents were asked to provide brand attributes that drove their most recent neurotoxin product choice. The 7 attributes that patients reported as top drivers of choice were: “Is a brand for someone like me,” “Has been available a long time,” “Is a brand I trust,” “Is worth what I pay for the cost,” “I know what to expect when I use this brand,” “Is recommended by my doctor/provider,” and “Treats more areas of the face than any other brand.”1
In April 2002, BOTOX® Cosmetic became the first product of its kind to receive FDA approval to treat moderate to severe glabellar lines in adults.2,3

Based on a 2022 online market research study of 242 specialists who regularly offer aesthetics consultations and treatment, BOTOX® Cosmetic is a trusted brand. Specialists were asked to select the neurotoxin brand they would choose to inject themselves or a family member. Of all specialists, 63% selected BOTOX® Cosmetic.4
§In a 2018 survey, approximately 8 out of 10 specialists (n = 484) reported they use BOTOX® Cosmetic when injecting a neurotoxin for themselves or their family member.5

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