Why You Should Be Wearing SPF Year-Round

Nov 10, 2022

As we transition into fall and winter, the cooler weather may fool you into thinking that you can put down your sunscreen. However, it is incredibly important to wear SPF into the fall (and even the winter!) to support and protect the skin barrier from harmful UV rays that can damage the skin at any temperature.  Even if it’s cloudy or cold, you’ll want to continue using your SPF and here’s why:

UV Rays Cut Through Clouds

While it may seem like clouds block the sun, both UVA and UVB rays can reach and damage the skin and may be just as harmful as the rays on a bright, sunny day.  UVA rays, which lead to premature aging, penetrate deep into the skin and cause wrinkles, age spots and inflammation. UVB rays may help us to produce vitamin D, but they are also responsible for damaging sunburns. Keep in mind UVA rays don’t always come with a warning sign, so it’s important to protect yourself from all types of UV rays year-round.

SPF Helps Prevent Skin Aging

Sun damage can be the leading cause of age spots, loss of elasticity and premature wrinkles so in addition to protecting the skin from sunburns, sunscreen offers the added bonus of anti-aging benefits.  While aging can cause a natural loss of collagen, sun damage can speed up collagen loss at a higher rate.  While there are many products on the market that claim to prevent or slow down the effects of aging, SPF is one of the few that has been proven to prevent these signs of aging.

Fall and Winter Activities

The colder Fall and Winter weather can bring a false sense of security when it comes to sun protection. If you’re going for an autumn hike or hitting the slopes this winter, keep in mind that the higher elevation puts you at a greater risk of UV damage. If you’re sweating during activities such as sledding, snowboarding or skiing – you’ll want to keep SPF handy to reapply. Try the Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50 that stays water resistant for 80 minutes and easy to pack!

Supporting Your Skin Barrier

Supporting your skin barrier should always be top of mind when it comes to skincare. Choosing a sunscreen that contains physical blockers such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is an effective way to keep your barrier protected. These powerhouse ingredients sit on top of the skin and reflect damaging UVA and UVB rays away from the skin. Sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to shield your skin from harmful UV rays and protect your skin barrier from potential damage. Whether you spend your Fall and Winter cozying up by the fire or outdoors on the slopes, enjoy the sun safely throughout the year and use your SPF daily – rain, snow or shine. 

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